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Lake Charles boudin run.

Steve and I made a boudin run to Lake Charles and Hackett's Cajun Kitchen.  It is a short 1 hour 15 trip from Houston Executive airport.  The Lake Charles airport folks were great and allowed us to use a crew car to take the 5 minute trip to Hackett's Kitchen.  The lunch was great and we sampled several different types of boudin.  Of course we thought ahead and brought coolers.  We ended up bringing back 25 lbs.  I think next time I will double that figure.  There is just something special about boudin from real cajun country.

Lake Charles boudin run

Steve Shaddox and I took a short trip to Lake Charles to eat at Hackett's Cajun Kitchen.  We had a great lunch there and tasted several different types of boudin.  I love boudin and have not tasted any better.  There is just something special about getting boudin from real cajun country.  It is just short 1 hour 15 minute trip.  The folks at Lake Charles airport were great and graciously allowed us to use one of the crew cars to take the short trip of 5 minutes to Hackett's kitchen.  We thought ahead and brought ice chests.  We came back with around 25 pounds of boudin.  Next time I think I will double that. 



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