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Rockport is a little over 100 nm from TME.  It offers great restaurants, places to go fishing and lots of shops.  There is a famous restaurant called Charlotte Plumber.  Barabara has eaten there many times however we decided to go to a restaurant the Legacy co-pilot at TME suggested.  The name of the restaurant was Moon Dog.  As you will see in the pictures, it is right on the water.  People pull up to the dock and step into the restaurant.  It has a lot of atmosphere and the food is great.

Taxing to the terminal

Here wa are at Moon Dog's.  Notice the dock next to the restaurant.  It actually sticks out into the water.

Here are Gen and Barabara.  We are about to head back to TME.  It took just a couple of hours to find the restaurant and have a relaxing lunch.  The waitress suggested the fish tacos.  I tried them.  They were great!!!!!!

Barabara and myself.  I was wondering if what I ate would put us over weight and balance limits.

Rockport was such a good place, Frank and I decided to go back the following weekend.  We also found out that Harrison Ford flies his own helicopter to Rockport 3 or 4 times a year.  Also, Johnny Depp flies his G2 all the way from France just about every quarter just to go fishing there.  I need to again thank Barabara for suggesting Rockport.


I have included even more pictures of Rockport for your pleasure.  Moon Dog is such a comfortable place to go.

Our crew car/truck from the great people at Aransas County Airport.

Barbara really has started a "firestorm".  Lee returned to Rockport.   Since the first trip, 4147G has been 3 other times.  The line crew at Rockport is learning everyone's first name.

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